Month: January 2015

Wind Cars

Wind Cars!

   Last month I gave each of the makers at Kensington a 6″ piece of 2×2 and presented them with the challenge of making it into a moving car that could be propelled forward by the wind from our box fan. I did not have an example made already and I didn’t actually know how to make the best design.… Read more →

Light Artists

You may recall the fabulous Coco’s post about light portraiture and light painting from several weeks ago. I had so much fun just messing around at that meeting that I have been waiting for the day I could pull this technique out at Paschalville. Well, we got to do it the other day, and IT. WAS. AWESOME! The most fun… Read more →

The State of Digital Badging at the Free Library

One of the great things about working for Maker Jawn is watching learning happen in spontaneous, and oftentimes surprising ways. The self-directed nature of the program allows kids to take ideas further than we mentors would have ever imagined, or to totally new places altogether. But as of now, there’s been no way to officially recognize these achievements. Digital Badging… Read more →

Origami pyramids I did over the summer. Despite their simplicity, they took forever to figure out, but the payoff was totally worth it!

Origami and Geometry

Origami and working with paper has been an interest of mine since I started working with Maker Jawn last May. Because of my busy school schedule, I’ve only been available to fill in shifts at the various sites when the other maker mentors can’t make it. Origami is a really great activity to work on as a substitute maker mentor… Read more →