Month: October 2015

♫ Getting to Know You ♫

I’ve gained a new skill in the last month: connection. As a recent college graduate, my last year has been peppered with new moves, new jobs, and new people. At times I’ve struggled to figure out exactly what it means to have a place, to have a safe space, and to make meaningful connections. As a new Maker Mentor, I’ve… Read more →

You Will Have Fun In This Room!

Since Maker Jawn programming happens at 6 different neighborhood libraries across North Philadelphia, each program space is very different and comes with its own perks and challenges. At Widener library, programming takes place twice a week in a windowed room that hosts a variety of other programs and meetings each day. Because we share this space, all of our supplies… Read more →

Spooky Science

  We have been trying a new system of following a theme across all the libraries that participate in MakerJawn programming. October’s theme of “Spooky Science” has turned our North Philly libraries into a real fright fest. From glowing LED jack-o-lanterns to sticky slime we have been having a screaming good time. At KEN we revisited circuit building to make… Read more →

Molecular Jewelry

In November Maker Jawn will feature craft-based programming at each of its 6 sites in conjunction with the Philadelphia Museum of Art’s Craft show, and Craft NOW Philadelphia. We will be making “molecular jewelry” designs out of Sculpey based on the structural formulas of chemical compounds. Participants will choose what molecule they want to make, then create the atoms out… Read more →

CBM Jams

Over the past few months there’s been a lot of good tunes coming out of the Cecil B. Moore library. Being a producer and musician myself, I try to encourage as much music-making as possible. I’ve never been particularly crafty or good with my hands, but I am very comfortable making digital media, so at every Maker Jawn session I’ve… Read more →