Each of the projects presented below is unique and interesting, if you are an author and decide to create content on a specific topic, you can always turn to your friends with the words write my pharmacy college essay and get help: both advice and a list of literature, design, meaningful content.

Some awesome past projects include:


Where the Spooky Things Are

Kensington Kinetic Sculpture Derby Video

Kensington Kinetic Sculpture Derby Photos

Plan 19 From Outer Space

Toothbrush Motor Robots

Juice of the Week YouTube Show

Too Many Cats Series

Happy Halloween!

Safe Haven documentary

Morse Code Messages (LittleBits)

Random Interactive Wall

Stop Motion Animation

God Brothers (Trailer)

Valentines Animations and GIFS


3D Printed Cookie Cutters

Philadelphia Youth Network 2014
oneKey (the D.I.Y. MaKey MaKey)

Magnetic MaKey MaKey Mazes

Copper Tape Circuits

Cardboard Challenge

Noise Music Machine

Connected Messages



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