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Learning Triangles

Have you ever thought about what educational resources you had available to you as a child? Aside from school, what else was there in your neighborhood that afforded you the ability to acquire knowledge? Maybe someone in a rural or rural-suburban area may have had plenty of time to run around outside and learn about the natural environment through self-directed… Read more →

Light Artists

You may recall the fabulous Coco’s post about light portraiture and light painting from several weeks ago. I had so much fun just messing around at that meeting that I have been waiting for the day I could pull this technique out at Paschalville. Well, we got to do it the other day, and IT. WAS. AWESOME! The most fun… Read more →

Beyond Making

Currently, I work for the Paschalville neighborhood library and most of my time is spent as a Digital Resource Specialist helping job-seekers write resumes and apply for jobs. A lot of what I do in this position is help patrons navigate web sites and fill out forms for employment opportunities. One of the most common questions I receive is, “What… Read more →

Maker Jawn and the City

One of my favorite things about working for Maker Jawn and the Free Library of Philadelphia is the geographic diversity of our program. Since November of 2013 I’ve worked at the Central Branch, Kensington, Cecil B. Moore, Cobbs Creek/Blanche Nixon, Joseph E. Coleman and Paschalville in some capacity of the Jawn, but I’ve never really thought about just how much… Read more →


Making Stuff Safer at Kensington

Maker Jawn Kensington acquired one of NOVA’s Making Stuff kits and the kids wasted no time testing the structural integrity of gumdrops and toothpicks.         The kids had a great time building everything from abstract, Frank Gerhy-esque structures, to stately 3-story homes with bell towers and courtyards. We learned that teamwork creates bigger, more awesome structures and… Read more →