Month: June 2013

Making Possibilites at the Village

During my first two weeks at the Village we have seen over 15 new faces, attained a few regulars, and had a lot of inquiry as to what I’m up to. I have been running through a few of our standard work sessions to give an introduction to what I’ll be doing for the next few weeks. As of right now we have moved from doing quick circuits(heh) of LED lighting, Squishy Circuitry, and Artbots to more resolved projects.
With the help of Paul and Aisha we have gone from our standard set of Possibility Box projects to working primarily with the Makey Makey and some Maze Games. Paul has even coined the name “TeamROCK” for our little work group. Each day we now have a couple new faces working on either our Flash Flash Revolution Dance Pad or our Electronic Maze(Pictures to come). It is a very fun time testing, prototyping, troubleshooting, bonding, and making with our little team. It is awesome to see everyone sharing skills or showing off their creations, this really helps suck new faces into our little making circle.
Some highlights, mouse over for the description:

IDAAY this week

So this week at IDAAY we have had 13 participants. We have made a variety of projects which include a castle, beaded bracelets, fabric brades, a light up bow for a young girls dog, and started to take apart some printers. It is very exciting to see the kids come back the next day with new ideas for the next… Read more →


Now, this pinball machine I started at the beginning of the second week when none of the kids were at the library and I needed to keep my hands busy. I have to keep making things in case a kid does come in they can see me working on something that captures their attention. This definitely did the trick. I… Read more →