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Maker Jawn Rides in the Kensington Kinetic Sculpture Derby

This year the Maker Mentors and participants of Maker Jawn had the pleasure of participating in the Kensington Kinetic Sculpture Derby. With the help of Stephen Horscha from Haley Trikes, we built a spectacular tricycle with giant paper mache books all decorated by the young makers of Maker Jawn. Kids from throughout the North Philly Neighborhood Cluster collaborated on our sculpture. Participants… Read more →

Origami pyramids I did over the summer. Despite their simplicity, they took forever to figure out, but the payoff was totally worth it!

Origami and Geometry

Origami and working with paper has been an interest of mine since I started working with Maker Jawn last May. Because of my busy school schedule, I’ve only been available to fill in shifts at the various sites when the other maker mentors can’t make it. Origami is a really great activity to work on as a substitute maker mentor… Read more →

Meredith loves cats, so we decorated her to look like one.

Our Tinkering Session with Long Exposure Photography

Ever since I heard of Glow Doodle, a computer application that turns a webcam into a long exposure camera that allows you to create designs using lights, I have been wanting to experiment with it with my fellow Maker Mentors at the Free Library of Philadelphia. A couple weeks ago, I got the opportunity to host a tinkering session using long exposure… Read more →