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Origami pyramids I did over the summer. Despite their simplicity, they took forever to figure out, but the payoff was totally worth it!

Origami and Geometry

Origami and working with paper has been an interest of mine since I started working with Maker Jawn last May. Because of my busy school schedule, I’ve only been available to fill in shifts at the various sites when the other maker mentors can’t make it. Origami is a really great activity to work on as a substitute maker mentor… Read more →

Balloon Zipline: The Numbers and Details

2013-07-09 12.54.09

Last week, my students and myself built a balloon zipline. This turned out to be an awesome project that the kids had a blast with. However, being committing to tricking kids into doing math and science, I challenged the kids to measure the speed. Coaching them along, we were able to come up with some reasonable numbers in a few different ways.

Because we had such a good time with the project, I wanted to share the detailed breakdown of what we did and how we did it.

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