Month: August 2016

When you don’t know what to say

Liam asked me what I had in my hand.   I said that it was a needle.   He shuddered involuntarily and said, “Ewwww.”  I live and work in this neighborhood.  So, I immediately understood his reaction.  “Not that kind of needle.  A needle for sewing,” I said.   The area surrounding McPherson Square Branch is an open air drug… Read more →

My Last Blog Post

  Meet The Mentor Chieuanh Nguyen joined the Maker Jawn family in January of 2016. She graduated from Dickinson College with a major in Biology and minor in East Asian Studies. She speaks both conversational Vietnamese and Japanese. During high school, she was in a robotic club for two years, where she participated in the SeaPerch Challenge at Drexel University.… Read more →