Month: May 2014

Two Terrific Tinkering Tuesdays

I haven’t even completed my first month as part of the Maker Jawn team and already I’ve learned so much. The kids have taught me about everything from manga and Minecraft, to patience and prototyping. I’ve been learning from my coworkers too; the Maker Jawn team has been meeting on Tuesday mornings for Tinkering Tuesdays. On my first Tinkering Tuesday,… Read more →


This week at Cecil B!

Cecil B. Moore was jumping with lots of energy this week. On Monday, the kids took large strides in their video making project. They made an assortment of crazy costumes and even began filming some amazing scenes. I don’t want to give it away just yet so stay tuned! On Tuesday, we continued working on the fort. When taking the… Read more →


Alien Invasion at Kensington!!

They’ve landed!  And they’re making a movie!  Over at Kensington we are having a blast – we finished constructing our Mars landscape, paper mached our moon rocks, added finishing globs of paint.  Now we’re ready to start filming!  We have a mad scientist, his evil assistant, a ticked-off alien who just wants to eat his spaghetti in peace, and a… Read more →


Have you ever wished you could add sounds or animations to a drawing you’ve made? Join MakerJawn team members Sari Widman, Goda Trakumaite, Coco Shin, and artist and educator Sebastien Derenoncourt to make your drawings come to life! Participants will be drawing characters, and using the conductive powers of graphite (pencil), a Makey Makey, and Scratch to add interactive elements. We… Read more →


For the Love of Moms! Mother’s Day Presents at Marrero

Now that Mother’s Day has come and gone, I can share some of the gifts that were made at Lillian Marrero (without ruining the surprise). Throughout April, everyone wanted to make their moms presents. AND THEY WERE AWESOME! Bows, books, hearts with mustaches, plush hearts, flower boxes, and pillows. Yes! See some of the creative, innovative, and beautiful projects below.… Read more →