Month: October 2014

? Sculpture Challenge ?

Maker Mentors at Rodriguez neighborhood library have been posing sculpture challenges to the young makers. Each maker gets an envelope that contains a random assortment of objects, including but not limited to pipe cleaners, popsicle sticks, pom po poms odds and ends from the collection of single lost earrings, broken toys, and other oddities. Their challenge is to make a sculpture using all or some of… Read more →

Making Maker Space

  Many of the kids that come to maker space at Rodriguez come everyday, it is their place to tinker with electronics, learn new skills in building and designing, and hang out. In a conversation with one of these kids I asked her what it felt like being a “Maker”, to which she asked “why are you always using that word,… Read more →


Intro to Sewing with Finger Puppets

    We had six and seven year olds stitching like pros with this super simple activity. All you need issome felt or other non-stretchy fabric, needles and thread, glue, and any craft supplies or knick knacks that you may have laying around for decoration. I start out by showing kids an example finger puppet and asking them what they… Read more →

Maker Jawn talks Teaching Teens How to Fail at PALA

Maker Jawn was pleased to speak at this years Pennsylvania Library Association conference. The talk, Teaching Teens How to Fail, was delivered by Sari Widman, Goda Trakumaite, Bobby Raggazion, and Brandon Klevence (with a lovely introduction by Lillian Marrero branch manager Rebekah Ray). Listen to the talk below!  We discussused how Maker Jawn started, our education philosophy, and how librarians (or really… Read more →