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From Floater to Lead Mentor

Since my first day with Maker Jawn I have been a floater mentor; happily helping out at the branches where I was needed most. I was able to watch how two of our most senior mentors handled their maker spaces. Slowly, I was able to build a relationship with the makers at these branches as well as the library staff.… Read more →

Wind Cars

Wind Cars!

   Last month I gave each of the makers at Kensington a 6″ piece of 2×2 and presented them with the challenge of making it into a moving car that could be propelled forward by the wind from our box fan. I did not have an example made already and I didn’t actually know how to make the best design.… Read more →


Alien Invasion at Kensington!!

They’ve landed!  And they’re making a movie!  Over at Kensington we are having a blast – we finished constructing our Mars landscape, paper mached our moon rocks, added finishing globs of paint.  Now we’re ready to start filming!  We have a mad scientist, his evil assistant, a ticked-off alien who just wants to eat his spaghetti in peace, and a… Read more →


Making Stuff Safer at Kensington

Maker Jawn Kensington acquired one of NOVA’s Making Stuff kits and the kids wasted no time testing the structural integrity of gumdrops and toothpicks.         The kids had a great time building everything from abstract, Frank Gerhy-esque structures, to stately 3-story homes with bell towers and courtyards. We learned that teamwork creates bigger, more awesome structures and… Read more →


Maker Jawn @ Kensington

The past two months have been a blast at the Kensington branch! It’s been an incredible experience getting to know the young makers who come in and out of the library. We’ve had fun partaking in a whole array of activities, including but not limited to: Soldering together keyboards and noise toys, making musical beats on the MaKey MaKey, filming… Read more →