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Part I: Design It
Part II: Make It
Part III: Share It



Learn about maker programming in libraries and beyond. 

Adafruit: A place to buy electronic supplies, and view project tutorials.

HighLow Tech: Out of MIT, tutorials on paper circuit and e-textile projects.

Instructables: Instructions for all kinds of DIY projects. A good curriculum aid.

A Librarian’s Guide to Makerspaces: Open Education Database’s makerspace resources for librarians.

Libraries and Maker Culture: A Resource Guide: A resource guide for maker spaces in libraries made by Sharona Ginsberg of the University of Michigan.

Maker Ed: The non-profit, education oriented arm of Maker Media (the publisher that popularized “Maker” culture).

Sparkfun Resources: Learning and project resources.

Sparkfun Tutorials: Tutorials on how to use a variety of electronics.

the tinkering studio: Lesson plans and project examples from the Exploratorium.



Here are some links to learning resources and project ideas. Now go explore!

DIYDIY is a place to learn lots of new skills independently and with the support of peers.

InstructablesInstructions for all kinds of DIY projects.

Code AcademyLearn how to code. (For adults and teens.)

Code: Learn how to code. (More youth oriented)

Mozilla WebmakerFun online learning tools.

ScratchFun and easy program for game design and animation. A good way for beginners to learn the concept of code. 

LyndaInexpensive online tutorials for software and other skills. Very useful and easy to follow.

DashLearn HTML, CSS, and Javascript.

Live in Philadelphia? Checkout the Free Library’s digital learning resources.



Here are some free/cheap tools for audio, video, and photo editing, digital graphics, layouts, 3D modeling and motion graphics, and more. 

Illustration/ Design

SumoPaint: Comparable to Photoshop. Mac/ PC compatible. Free.

Pixelmator: Comparable to Photoshop. Mac compatible. $14.99

Gimp: Comparable to Photoshop. Mac/ PC compatible. Free.

iDrawFor vector drawing. Mac compatible. $24.99

ArtboardFor vector drawing. Mac compatible. $29.99

AutoDesk SketchbookDrawing tool. Mac/ PC compatible. $2.99/month, $25/year. 

Inkscape: Drawing tool. Mac/ PC compatible. Free.

Collage and Photo Editor

FotorCollage and photo editor. Mac/ PC compatible. Free. 

BeFunky: Collage and photo editor. Mac/ PC compatible. Free.


infogr.amMaking infographics. Mac/ PC compatible. Free. Making infographics. Mac/ PC compatible. Free.

Publishing/ Layout Tools (InDesign)

Scribus: Comparable to InDesign. Mac/ PC compatible. Free.

Belight: Comparable to InDesign. Mac compatible. $19.99.

Audio Recording/ Editing

AudacityAudio Recording and editing. Mac/ PC compatible. Free.

Fission: Audio Recording and editing. Mac compatible. Free.

Video Editing

Lightworks: Video editing. Mac/ PC compatible. Free.

iMovie: Video editing. Mac compatible. $14.99.

3D Modeling and Animation/ Motion Graphics

Blender: 3D modeling and animation/ motion graphics. Mac/ PC compatible. Free.

Sketchup Make3D modeling. Mac/ PC compatible. Free.

Tinkercad3D modeling for 3D printing. Mac/ PC compatible. Free.

123D Design3D modeling and 3D printing. Mac/ PC compatible. Free.


PreziPresentations. Mac/ PC compatible. Free.

Google Presentation: Presentations. Mac/ PC compatible. Free.

Office Tools 

LibreOffice: Office software. Mac/ PC compatible. Free.