Month: November 2013


Maker at the Central Branch

Hello all! The last couple of weeks have been very fun at the Free Library. Here’s an overview of all the cool stuff we’ve done so far at Central! Cardboard Games: Our first task was to get kids to play with cardboard and build their favorite arcade games. We got the idea from the video Caine’s Arcade. If you haven’t seen… Read more →


First Month of Maker Jawn at Central

The first month at Central was fantastic! We partook in plenty of activities including cardboard arcade games, decorations, slingshots, pumpkin carving, paper circuits, and photography. The first week, we joined thousands of makers across the country in the Caine‚Äôs Arcade Global Cardboard Challenge. The first cardboard arcade game we built was the Philadelphia BBall Slammer. We modeled it after the… Read more →