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The Original Internet

I’ve always considered the library to be “the original internet”. Since ancient times libraries have served as the main storage facilities of all public information and knowledge. They are quiet places where introverts work happily on their creative and intellectual pursuits, surrounded by all the resources they could ever need. Despite the fact that we makers work noisily in groups,… Read more →

Getting Abstract

Abstraction is formed by filtering the information content of a concept or observable phenomenon and selecting only the aspects which are relevant for a particular purpose.  At CBM this particular purpose was to gather images as part of a photography scavenger hunt (and win a bag of chips for your effort). I noticed that kids loved going around the library… Read more →

CBM Jams

Over the past few months there’s been a lot of good tunes coming out of the Cecil B. Moore library. Being a producer and musician myself, I try to encourage as much music-making as possible. I’ve never been particularly crafty or good with my hands, but I am very comfortable making digital media, so at every Maker Jawn session I’ve… Read more →

Open Letter to Librarians on 3D Printing

The other day I sat down with Chad Sansing via the internets to share some ideas about 3D Printers in libraries for School Library Journal.

Chad prompted me with the question: How can a librarian get ready for a 3D printer and purposefully design inviting, accessible projects. I felt my response would be a decent resource for those who read our blog, this is my response:
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