What’s Been Going on at Paschalville

The past two months at the Paschalville Neighborhood library have been super fun! Participants have engaged in a diverse range of activities including song writing, recording, beat making, storytelling, programming, pico-cricket boards, stop motion, and more.   Here’s a soundcloud playlist with some of the stories and songs we recorded in September.   Here’s a video of the Cat Box… Read more →


Maker Jawn @ Kensington

The past two months have been a blast at the Kensington branch! It’s been an incredible experience getting to know the young makers who come in and out of the library. We’ve had fun partaking in a whole array of activities, including but not limited to: Soldering together keyboards and noise toys, making musical beats on the MaKey MaKey, filming… Read more →


First Month of Maker Jawn at Central

The first month at Central was fantastic! We partook in plenty of activities including cardboard arcade games, decorations, slingshots, pumpkin carving, paper circuits, and photography. The first week, we joined thousands of makers across the country in the Caine’s Arcade Global Cardboard Challenge. The first cardboard arcade game we built was the Philadelphia BBall Slammer. We modeled it after the… Read more →