Everything I’ve Ever Learned from Maker Jawn (Because You Should Never Be Afraid to Ask)

This week is my last week working with Maker Jawn. After nearly a year and a half of spending my afternoons working with kids, developing projects, and being a part of an amazing team of creative, caring, and innovative Maker Mentors, it’s difficult to say goodbye not for a lack of interest, but for a lack of continued funding for… Read more →


Making Maker Dreams Come True, or, Applying for a Grant with a 9-year-old

    Yesterday Charity and I finished and submited her application for a Disney Friends for Change Grant. We had been working together over the past month to develop ideas for a small grant and ways to apply them through our Maker space in Kensington Library. After having an animal rights activist come speak at the library this summer, Charity… Read more →


Alien Invasion at Kensington!!

They’ve landed!  And they’re making a movie!  Over at Kensington we are having a blast – we finished constructing our Mars landscape, paper mached our moon rocks, added finishing globs of paint.  Now we’re ready to start filming!  We have a mad scientist, his evil assistant, a ticked-off alien who just wants to eat his spaghetti in peace, and a… Read more →