Monthly Archives: May 2014


Maker Jawn webinar on 5/14 11am EST: Youth projects, sharing, and documentation

The Maker Jawn team is hosting its final webinar as part of its Library Services and Technology Act grant next Wednesday, May 14th from 11:00 a.m. to noon EST. In this webinar, the Maker Jawn team will  describe how youth from sites are sharing and documenting their creative projects and process. We will also discuss how Maker Jawn is documenting… Read more →


The Challenge of E-Textiles at Marrero

We’ve been having fun exploring E-Textiles, otherwise known as “Soft Circuits”. The age range of children seems to be from 8 – 12 yrs, so it becomes really important to “meet them where they are”. Sometimes we start with paper circuits using copper tape/LEDs and then move them later to stitching conductive thread/LEDs. The children like copper tape because it… Read more →