Week 1

Week 1 : Liquid Slime

06/13/2013. I was super excited for this activity. To me this is the easiest and one of the coolest experiments I’ve done with kids. There weren’t as many kids but I had a lot of adults and librarian that were interested in this experiment. They even ask me about how to make them so they can go back to their… Read more →


Week 1 : Bubbling Lava Lamp

6/11/2013 was my first day at the Widener Branch. There was another program called the “Leap” running at the same time I was supposed to do my activity. I’ve worked with other Leap members but I’m usually helping them with their activities instead of trying to take kids away from their program. So the first 30 minutes since I started… Read more →

Maker Program Week 1

Maker week 1This lava lamp is made by mixing oil and water together. Slime Oobleck

My first week as an active marker corps member was exciting yet nerve-racking. It’s like the feeling a child gets when he starts his first day of school. He’s excited about starting the first day of school with his backpack prepared with crayons, #2 pencils, and notebooks.  Yet he’s nervous about what other people think about him.  To me starting maker camp was exciting because I planned out the activities I would be doing during the camp yet I was nervous that the children at my site would not like the activities.