What’s Been Going on at Paschalville

The past two months at the Paschalville Neighborhood library have been super fun!

Participants have engaged in a diverse range of activities including song writing, recording, beat making, storytelling, programming, pico-cricket boards, stop motion, and more.


Here’s a soundcloud playlist with some of the stories and songs we recorded in September.


Here’s a video of the Cat Box we made with our PicoCricket Set.

The Cat Box meows when it’s shaken, giving the illusion that there is a kitten within it.

Within the box is the PicoCricket Set with a homemade tilt switch. The PicoCricket Set was put together and programmed by participants.


Lately, we’ve been playing with stop motion. Participants make characters out of paper, use a camera on a tripod to take photos, and learn to edit in iMovie to put the stop motion movies together.



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