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We have been trying a new system of following a theme across all the libraries that participate in MakerJawn programming. October’s theme of “Spooky Science” has turned our North Philly libraries into a real fright fest. From glowing LED jack-o-lanterns to sticky slime we have been having a screaming good time. At KEN we revisited circuit building to make glowing pumpkins from recycled bottles and balloons. We have done a lot of LED activities in the past but it had been a few months since we practiced switches and circuit making so Makers were more then happy to give it another go.


We also gave a brand new activity a try: “Boo Bubbles.” These bubbles are made by forcing the gases let off from warming dry ice through a tube and into a soapy solution. The resulting bubbles let out a ghostly cloud when they are popped. Dry ice (frozen CO2) doesn’t melt it sublimes, or turns directly from a solid into a gas. A cool science fact and a great new vocab word.

Slime has been the young Makers favorite activity. A few makers even perfected the recipe to make the ultimate consistency. It has been a great activity to get Makers to slow down and pay attention to measurement. With only a few ingredients; water, glue, and borax, this activity has a magical effect when it all comes together. A few resourceful Makers found old play-dough containers to take their slime home. Next month we are looking forward to our theme of “Elemental.”

Next month we are looking forward to our theme of “Elemental,” we will have activities based around the periodic table, crystals, molecules and more!



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