really…I’ll help you make anything.

Last Thursday was a very slow day. Only one kid showed up in the morning. At first he had no interest in making anything at all, wanting instead to tell me all about how to play Yu-Gi-Oh (something I just don’t “get”). Luckily I convinced him that we could make something to accompany his card game. He asked if we could make a Yu-Gi-Oh dueling board. “Absolutely!” was my exact response, thankful that I could trick him…I mean Convince him to make something! He had a great time measuring out the size of his cards, and the placement on the board. I helped him stabilize the board so it could have walls that didn’t fall over. It got him pretty excited and he couldn’t wait to show it off and play on it. When his two friends (the only other two kids to come in that day) arrived one of them immediately asked if he could make one, too. So we got started together as the other two engaged in mortal combat atop the newly created Yu-Gi-Oh board. It definitely wasn’t my first choice of project, but if a kid comes over to me and asks to make something we’re absolutely going to make something! Over all, it might have been a slow day, but it was fun to not only see the kids make the boards, but to also use them and take them home at the end of the day.

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