Mask making day!

Monday was the first day at the Library when school was completely out for the kids. It…was…intense!

I thought that mask making would be a fun project to have for the day. I started making one as a demo before anyone arrived and pretty soon I had visit from a girl who has been really enthusiastic about making things at the Library. She jumped right into the project and came up with some great ideas about her mask. (It’s really amusing when the kids ask “is it okay if I do with my project) In no time she had a great looking mask! Right before she was finished two others showed up and wanted frantically to make masks of their own. And before long there were even more kids joining the excitement. It really made me realize that I need to get myself a couple more pairs of scissors, a few more pares of ears, eyes, hands, and perhaps a scotch-tape dispenser! One thing I noticed with this project was that most of the masks that were fairly similar to the initial demo that I created. I think that in the future I need to create multiple demo pieces so the kids can see a variety of options.
The paper cranes were made by myself and the first girl that showed up when she wanted to try making something else. She had a great time making the crane and did a fantastic job with it. (I think the first crane I attempted ended up looking like a wadded up piece of paper that had been cursed at)
If things continue to go as they have been this is going to be a very productive, exciting, and exhausting Summer!

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