How do I earn badges?

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Work on Projects

A Hard Skill Badge

A Hard Skill Badge

When you work on a project, you will earn badges for the hard skills and soft skills you use during

that project.  Some examples of Skill Badges are drawing, construction, science, animation and coding.  You use these skills, and more, when you work on projects.  Skill badges can be earned multiple times.

Practice your skills

A Master Badge

Working on a bunch of projects that use the same skills will let you practice those skills, and when you practice, you get better! Earning a Skill Badge over and over will let you Level Up.  The Level Badges are: Novice (earn a Skill Badge 1-5 times), Apprentice (earn a Skill Badge 6-10 times), Journeyman (earn a Skill Badge 11-15 times), Master (earn a Skill Badge 16+ times).  Try to become a Master!


Choose a Goal

A lot of skills are related to each other, like painting and drawing for example.  Related skills are sorted into categories, called Feats and Experiences.  Choose a Feat or Experience Badge to set as a goal, and work towards earning that badge.  Feats and Experiences are earned if you become a Master in a bunch of related skills. Earning a Feat or Experience Badge can also earn you a prize.


A Feat Badge (left) and an Experience Badge (right)


A Project Badge

Win Keychain Prizes! Every month, the Mentor at your Library will do a special activity and afterwards, you’ll be able to take home a keychain.  Come to your Library everyday to make sure you collect all of the keychains!

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