Introducing: Maker Jawn Digital Badging

What the heck are digital badges?

Badges are a symbol of achievement, like a medal or a trophy. When you make and learn new things at the library, you can collect badges like you collect points in a game. We call them digital badges because you earn them online.

As a Maker, you do things that earn badges every day. Everything that you learn and create at the library is worthy of a badge. No matter how small, we consider these accomplishments, and we would like to award you digital badges for these achievements.

Why are they cool?

Show Off Your Work!

You make amazing things at the library every day, so why not show them off? On our badging website you can upload pictures and video of your work. Digital Badges let you keep track of the things you’ve learned, and you’ll have a place for friends, teachers, and parents to see the cool stuff you’ve made.  Be proud!


Get Inspired

The Maker Jawn Badging website is a social network like Facebook or Instagram. With your account, you can send messages to your library friends, view everyone’s badges, talk to the Mentor at your site, and get ideas by looking at projects kids are making at other libraries.


Prizes, Prizes, Prizes.

We make things because it’s fun. BUT, you know what else is fun? Winning prizes! The more you learn and make, the bigger the prizes get. Collect badges online, and earn prizes in real life!



How Does it Work?

A. Hard Skills: specific abilities that can be taught and practiced, where skill level can often be measured. Practicing a skill at the library will earn you a badge in that skill. B. Skill Levels: represent your advancing knowledge of a skill. As you earn badges for practicing skills, you work your way up through the Skill Levels. C. Feats: achieving Master Level in a bunch of related skills earns you a Feat Badge. Feat Badges are key to earning an Experience Badge. It shows you have mastered one of the many parts that make up an Experience. Feat Badges are prize-worthy badges. D. Experiences: the highest badges you can achieve. Experience Badges are just that – they indicate that you have spent time learning and practicing a variety of skills. To earn an Experience, earn all of the Feats that make up that Experience by becoming a Master at all of the skills relating to that experience. Experience Badges are prize-worthy.




Earn Badges. Level Up. Become a Master. Win Prizes.


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