Chipping away at E-textiles

We’ve been slowly plowing through the e-textiles project each week at McPherson.  This was a sign-up project since we have a very limited quantity of supplies for kids to make little monsters with light-up eyes. We’ve been conducting the program once a week for an hour. And every week so far we’ve had a diminishing number of kids attend.  It’s not for lack of enthusiasm for the project, but they simply forget…and come looking for us, sometimes days later, asking us to remind them again when we get together to do the e-textiles. We just shake our heads silently to ourselves and joke that if things continue this way we’re going to end up with only one kid finishing their monster!

When we do get together and work on the project all the kids participating enjoy it a lot. There is always a lot of laughter and joking around, and of all the project that we’ve done I don’t recall hearing any of them getting discouraged working on the e-textiles even when they’re having a hard time getting everything wired correctly.  It’s kind of like a weird little knitting-circle we have going each week.

We have a few more sessions to go before the project is completed and the kids really can’t wait to see how they each turn out.  You’ll be seeing more from this project later on!

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