Slop-stir Fest!

Well, this didn’t quite work out as planned…but it was still fun! This was a project that the library had looked up and wanted to try out so I was more than happy to lend a hand in the mess-making.

The idea was to make slime from a few household items…primarily glue and detergent.  Of course it seemed that the internet had failed us on this one. The instructional video that had provided the instructions must’ve left something out entirely because although what we ended up making could technically be classified as “slime” it was not the slime advertised!

We had a lot of kids want to try this out.  Even the ones who initially responded with “Ew!” were jumping on asking if they could try it.  Even after we had definitively determined that this project was a fail we still had kids asking to try it. Perhaps they thought that it just needed their particular touch in order to magically make this project work…or maybe the chance to stir muck for extended periods of time was enough of a draw? Whatever the reason we had a ton of kids having a go.

We had initially thought that we’d be adding food coloring to the slime once it had been made…even sparkles, maybe.  When we saw that it wasn’t working out we decided that what’s the harm in adding some extras to their mush? So green food coloring and silver sparkles were distributed evenly amongst the paper bowls of snotty-wonder.  We reminded the kids that although the project didn’t work out it was the attempt that mattered…the experiment. Of course I don’t think they really cared about any of that because to them it was a successful adult-sanctioned slop party. Soooo…mission accomplished?

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