Life of a Floater Mentor

Hi Everyone! (^_^)/

I’m the new Maker Mentor, Chieuanh (or better known to some of the Makers as Chewie). I am currently living the life of a Floater Mentor.

As a Floater Mentor, I’ve traveled to all of our six locations with Maker Jawn programming to help the Lead Mentor with their activities and curriculum. I have met a various of Makers, Maker Mentors, librarians, guards, volunteers, and LEAP After School Leaders. From my experience, I realized that each library branches have their own environment and atmosphere. Some of the Maker’s space have their own room, while others shared the space on the Children’s Library floor. Some of the different focuses that I saw ranged from making clothes at Widener Branch, to cooking at Kensington Branch, and to engineering at McPherson Branch.

However, no matter where I went, I also saw the strong bond and relationship between the Maker Mentors and the libraries. The Mentors respected their space and always clean it up after programming. The Library, in return, acknowledged the program and is very supportive and resourceful to the program. Overall, I am proud to say that we are all in one big Maker Jawn family. After all, as a Maker Mentor we shared the same goals and expectations for our on-site Makers. We hope to cultivate their skills and talents as they join in our Maker Jawn programming.

I am very excited to be a part of this family and have high hope and expectations for this program while moving forward.

-Chieuanh Thi Nguyen

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