The Worst Nightmare by Jazmine

The following is a post by IDAAY gues blogger Jazmine:

Hi my name is Jazmine and today I came up with a movie.   The movie is called the Worst Nightmare, which is a horror film.  This movie is about me and my friends go to see this movie called Smiley after the movie we head home and it becomes real.  The killer is in my house and I go look for my friends but the killer is killing all my friends, one by one.  I wake up and everything just disappeared and I find out nun of it was true.

The actors in my Movie are Me, Myself, Fahiem, Dequan, Leroy and Sharmar.  The people that helped me where Brittany, Mr. Oseby, Mr. Khaleef and that’s it.

My inspiration for writing the was my love of watching horror movies and that made me want to come up with my own horror movie and then if people like it the I would probably make a part 2.

My favorite part about making this movie was that it was fun.  I never made a movie before so its like really fun and hard at some times and I just got to have fun with all my cast and stuff like that.

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