Opportunities from unseen events

A rainy week lead to some flooding at IDAAY; which caused us to be closed temporarily.   Why this may have been unfortunate I took this opportunity to visit all the other Free Library Maker Corps’ sites. This allowed me to see all the amazing projects that each site is working on.

Heavenly Hall was my first stop with Ryan running the Maker station. We made LED throwies and played darts with a wide variety of age group.  This was very exciting to be part of this, the kids were full of energy and more than willing to start competing.

The Village of Art and Humanities was next on my list, BK holds down this site. We started an amazing project using magnets, and Squishy Circuits.  This projects became a  Maze where as you go through the maze if your magnet touch the wall as you go through lights and buzzers go off.  The kids got seriously in depth with developing the course and making more complex aspects  of the game including check points and time restrictions.

From there I adventured over to Widner where May leads her Maker explorations.  We explored the world of Squishy Circuits.  The children at this is where very curious in how many LEDs could be lit up at once. From Squishy Circuits we transferred over to Makey Makey were we played a wide variety of games.

My last stop was McPherson where Drew made his Maker area.  It was great to see some of the past cardboard games that the kids made, they are so awesome to see in person. We decided to challenge the kids to make cardboard towers without any tape, glue or anything else they could think of.  This lead to hours of pure problem solving, allot of collapses and some great towers.

This was a great experience to see so many different communities get involved with making and how each site has its own unique personality.  From here I get to return to IDAAY with newly inspired drive to share the Maker experience. Why I get to return to IDAAY I also get to be at the Village once a week now to sub one of the days BK is not there.  I had my first sub day yesterday were we continued with the maze but by the end of the day they wanted to explore other options with the LEDs like wearing them. Guess who is making the move to e-textiles next week.

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