For Educators



Learn about maker programming in libraries and beyond. 

Adafruit: A place to buy electronic supplies, and view project tutorials.

HighLow Tech: Out of MIT, tutorials on paper circuit and e-textile projects.

Instructables: Instructions for all kinds of DIY projects. A good curriculum aid.

A Librarian’s Guide to Makerspaces: Open Education Database’s makerspace resources for librarians.

Libraries and Maker Culture: A Resource Guide: A resource guide for maker spaces in libraries made by Sharona Ginsberg of the University of Michigan.

Maker Ed: The non-profit, education oriented arm of Maker Media (the publisher that popularized “Maker” culture).

Sparkfun Resources: Learning and project resources.

Sparkfun Tutorials: Tutorials on how to use a variety of electronics.

the tinkering studio: Lesson plans and project examples from the Exploratorium.

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