Week 1 : Liquid Slime

06/13/2013. I was super excited for this activity. To me this is the easiest and one of the coolest experiments I’ve done with kids. There weren’t as many kids but I had a lot of adults and librarian that were interested in this experiment. They even ask me about how to make them so they can go back to their children and teach them. So a good resource that I used was Science Bob (http://www.sciencebob.com/experiments/polymer.php)IMG_1171IMG_1174
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Week 1 : Oobleck Monster

IMG_118506/14/13. The activity that we did today was the Oobleck monster. This is the hardest activity out there. This activity is really mess and if I had to redo this activity I would take it outside to do it. Other then the activity being messy I had about 15 kids in one room. It’s the most kids I’ve had.  And a grandma decided to drop off 5 of her 6 year old grandchildren to this program. The worst part is when majority of the kids start coming during the middle of the activity so I tried to get them jump started. I had a friend come and help me bring my speakers so he said it looked disorganized. So any suggestions in how to be more organized would be helpful. I know I’m going to start restricting the kids under 9 to participate in this activity unless I can supply them the one on one attention. I’ll post up the link from science bob ( http://www.sciencebob.com/blog/?tag=oobleck) but I don’t think I will write my procedure. I didn’t even had time to take any pictures that day.