The Horror Life by Dequan

The following is by IDAAY guest blogger Dequan:

My name is Dequan, and I wrote a movie called The Horror Life.  The movie is about a group of kids that got trapped in Temple College on the day of graduation.  A teacher was going around killing people with two duel wield scissors buy stabbing them in the neck.  I was the main character in the film, and I actually killed the killer and avenged all my friends death.  All my friends helped me with this great film and it is an awesome movie.

Maker Program Week 2

                      Maker week 2

This second week went pretty smoothly. I was able to get advice from other people about how I should make my activity more organized. I was able to witness that the setting of the room affect how the children participate. The presenter for the magic show set up the room with only chairs. In a way he made his own little auditorium in the small meeting room.

This was actually the week I had my wisdom teeth pulled out so I was grateful to have someone come in to present on Tuesday. On Thursday I presented an introduction on how squishy circuit works to 2 different summer groups. And by then my mouth started to swell up again. So I taught my high school assistant how he would present the squishy circuit.