Week 1 : Oobleck Monster

IMG_118506/14/13. The activity that we did today was the Oobleck monster. This is the hardest activity out there. This activity is really mess and if I had to redo this activity I would take it outside to do it. Other then the activity being messy I had about 15 kids in one room. It’s the most kids I’ve had.  And a grandma decided to drop off 5 of her 6 year old grandchildren to this program. The worst part is when majority of the kids start coming during the middle of the activity so I tried to get them jump started. I had a friend come and help me bring my speakers so he said it looked disorganized. So any suggestions in how to be more organized would be helpful. I know I’m going to start restricting the kids under 9 to participate in this activity unless I can supply them the one on one attention. I’ll post up the link from science bob ( http://www.sciencebob.com/blog/?tag=oobleck) but I don’t think I will write my procedure. I didn’t even had time to take any pictures that day.

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