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Maker Jawn’s Other Role: Providing Emotional Safe Haven For Youth

Maker Jawn is a predominantly youth-serving maker space that operates in libraries in North Philadelphia. I live here. I’ve made great friends here and I appreciate my neighbors. That said, North Philly has some very real problems. More than 900 people died of opioid-related overdoses in 2016 alone. Philadelphia has an overall poverty rate of 26 percent: the highest recorded among… Read more →

Developing Programming for Adults

In a low-income, high-poverty setting, it is a struggle to get adults to come to the library and participate in programming. As far as I can tell, this is a true situation across the nation. Parents in high poverty settings often don’t participate in school functions. A Pew research study also suggested that residents in low socioeconomic status are not… Read more →

Wind Cars

Wind Cars!

   Last month I gave each of the makers at Kensington a 6″ piece of 2×2 and presented them with the challenge of making it into a moving car that could be propelled forward by the wind from our box fan. I did not have an example made already and I didn’t actually know how to make the best design.… Read more →


Alien Invasion at Kensington!!

They’ve landed!  And they’re making a movie!  Over at Kensington we are having a blast – we finished constructing our Mars landscape, paper mached our moon rocks, added finishing globs of paint.  Now we’re ready to start filming!  We have a mad scientist, his evil assistant, a ticked-off alien who just wants to eat his spaghetti in peace, and a… Read more →