Maker Jawn at YOUmedia

  This August, Maker Mentors Goda and Sari accompanied Maker Jawn’s manager K-Fai to a YOUmedia Retreat right outside of Philadelphia. YOUmedia is a network of approximately 30 Learning Labs based in museums, libraries, and community organizations, that were originally all funded by the same IMLS/MacArthur Learning Labs Planning Grant. The Learning Labs all share a commitment to the principles… Read more →

Maker Jawn leads a Make Cycle for the 2014 Connected Learning MOOC

During the week of July 14th, Maker Jawn is leading the National Writing Project’s Connected Learning MOOC. Our theme is “Storytelling with Light” and we’re encouraging participants to create physical objects that integrate light, craft, and story design. Several Maker Jawn Mentors and I hosted a live hangout where we talked about our favorite ways we and the youth we… Read more →

Using the MaKey MaKey in Performance

When I am not at the Free Library of Philadelphia acting as a Teen Programming Specialist, I am usually in a studio somewhere making dances, or rolling on the ground in a park somewhere, thinking about different ways to sense and utilize the connection between various toes and the various pelvic bones to which they relate. In other words, I… Read more →

From Terrariums to Hay Bale Gardening at Widener

This spring, Maker Jawn Artist in Residence Jared came to Widener for four sessions and taught us how to make terrariums. We planted in old jars, bottles and other no longer needed household glass containers and then decorated the terrariums with sculpey creations. Since Widener has a fenced in back parking lot/green area we were able to take this dirt-involving activity outside… Read more →