Education: Remixed

Upon entering into Maker Jawn as a Maker Mentor, I was used to interacting with young people in a classroom environment. The kids were within my supervision at all times. I met them all at once, and I got to introduce myself as “the teacher”—the person who sets the rules, the person they listened to, and the person they were… Read more →


Getting Abstract

Abstraction is formed by filtering the information content of a concept or observable phenomenon and selecting only the aspects which are relevant for a particular purpose.  At CBM this particular purpose was to gather images as part of a photography scavenger hunt (and win a bag of chips for your effort). I noticed that kids loved going around the library… Read more →


Alien Invasion

It’s always fun when a new “trend” starts up at a library. It provides some continuity for programming, and drives participants towards collaboration and making along a common theme. This month, one of the things that participants latched onto was the making of “alien heads” with Play-Doh. I happened to make one while we were experimenting with the beloved colorful… Read more →

♫ Getting to Know You ♫

I’ve gained a new skill in the last month: connection. As a recent college graduate, my last year has been peppered with new moves, new jobs, and new people. At times I’ve struggled to figure out exactly what it means to have a place, to have a safe space, and to make meaningful connections. As a new Maker Mentor, I’ve… Read more →


You Will Have Fun In This Room!

Since Maker Jawn programming happens at 6 different neighborhood libraries across North Philadelphia, each program space is very different and comes with its own perks and challenges. At Widener library, programming takes place twice a week in a windowed room that hosts a variety of other programs and meetings each day. Because we share this space, all of our supplies… Read more →


Spooky Science

  We have been trying a new system of following a theme across all the libraries that participate in MakerJawn programming. October’s theme of “Spooky Science” has turned our North Philly libraries into a real fright fest. From glowing LED jack-o-lanterns to sticky slime we have been having a screaming good time. At KEN we revisited circuit building to make… Read more →