Widener’s Futuristic Fashion Show!

This month marked the kick-off for Widener’s Future Fashion program – a special Maker Jawn project funded by a Curiosity Creates grant from the Association for Library Service to Children. The program will last for four months and will conclude in a celebratory fashion show at the start of May. When given the opportunity to apply for this grant, I… Read more →

Of mice and makers

This month at Cecil B. Moore library and McPherson Square library, things did not go as planned.  And the results were…. well see for yourself…     All of these creations were not part of the programming that day.  They were entirely self-motivated.  The only thing I did was advise.  I showed Idean how to cleanly snap popsicle sticks, and… Read more →

Making it work

Hello, this is Bryan, the newest maker mentor.  I am going to take a few minutes to introduce myself and tell you what I’ve been doing since joining the Maker Jawn team. As part of my orientation to the Maker Jawn team, I have traveled to all six of the libraries with Maker programs.  Entering a maker space here in… Read more →

A Hard Skill Badge

How do I earn badges?

Read our IntroductionVisit our Badging Website Work on Projects When you work on a project, you will earn badges for the hard skills and soft skills you use during that project.  Some examples of Skill Badges are drawing, construction, science, animation and coding.  You use these skills, and more, when you work on projects.  Skill badges can be earned multiple… Read more →


Credit Where Credit’s Due

At Maker Jawn, as in any creative space, taking credit for an idea is a nuanced statement. How different does an idea have to be from somebody else’s before it is considered appropriation or “copying”—a favorite accusation at Maker Jawn? At the Rodriguez library, it’s a very popular project to build houses out of cardboard and fill the house with… Read more →


The Original Internet

I’ve always considered the library to be “the original internet”. Since ancient times libraries have served as the main storage facilities of all public information and knowledge. They are quiet places where introverts work happily on their creative and intellectual pursuits, surrounded by all the resources they could ever need. Despite the fact that we makers work noisily in groups,… Read more →


Building a Garden Frame at Widener

After 2 years of hay bale gardening, we decided to upgrade our garden at Widener Library to a more permanent structure! With some funding from the library’s Grassroots Funds and the Words at Play Initiative, we had two great build sessions this unseasonably warm November. We received some help from former Maker Mentor and current employee of the Central Library’s… Read more →