CBM Jams

Over the past few months, there’s been a lot of good tunes coming out of the Cecil B. Moore library. Being a producer and musician myself, I try to encourage as much music-making as possible. I’ve never been particularly crafty or good with my hands, but I am very comfortable making digital media, so at every Maker Jawn session I’ve… Read more →


Widener Garden Update

For year 2 of the Widener garden (read about year 1 here), Susan the branch manager let us use some of the library’s grassroots funds (funds collected from late fees and donations to the library) to build an even bigger and better garden than the one we had last year. Everyone worked very hard to build a hay bale structure… Read more →


Learning Environments

At the Kensington Library making a learning environment that is accessible, friendly, and interactive has been the most effective way of reaching the most “difficult” children. When school is over and children flock to the library, the last thing they want is to sit still and be told what to do. For some, art activities and creativity come naturally but… Read more →

Thinking beyond Maker Jawn

I have been working with Maker Jawn for the past two months and enjoy going to work everyday where I get to foster participant’s learning in a safe, interest driven, environment. The library feels like a haven space for me, as a Mentor, and I think it is safe to say that the Makers have a similar feeling. One of Maker… Read more →


Maker Jawn Website Updates

We’ve been updating our website by adding more resources and showcasing some projects that program participants have worked on over the past year. Some highlights include videos of our 3-part Maker Programming on the Library Floor LSTA Webinar, a documentary about homelessness that inter-generational programming participants made for a college class with Maker Mentor Sean at Cecil B. Moore Library,… Read more →


Maker Jawn Curriculum

The Maker Jawn Mentors have all been developing curriculum based on activities that work well at our sites. The curriculum page of our website already features over 30 guides, and we’ll be adding more each month. Most of the curriculum aims to introduce skills that participants can go on to use for self-directed projects, and each guide suggests open-ended ideas for… Read more →