Author: Ella Trujillo

Maker Jawn’s Other Role: Providing Emotional Safe Haven For Youth

Maker Jawn is a predominantly youth-serving maker space that operates in libraries in North Philadelphia. I live here. I’ve made great friends here and I appreciate my neighbors. That said, North Philly has some very real problems. More than 900 people died of opioid-related overdoses in 2016 alone. Philadelphia has an overall poverty rate of 26 percent: the highest recorded among… Read more →

Developing Programming for Adults

In a low-income, high-poverty setting, it is a struggle to get adults to come to the library and participate in programming. As far as I can tell, this is a true situation across the nation. Parents in high poverty settings often don’t participate in school functions. A Pew research study also suggested that residents in low socioeconomic status are not… Read more →

Quantifying Success

Maker Jawn is an unstructured, participant-directed, drop-in program. I am the mentor at Kensington Neighborhood Library. Here’s an average day: I come in at least 30 minutes before programming with a basic idea of an activity I think our makers will enjoy. They typically come to the library as part of their daily routine, once they’re let out of school at 3:00PM.… Read more →