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What Maker Jawn Could Be

    I left my job with Maker Jawn back in December. On this occasion, I wanted to share some things that I’ve been thinking about as I reflect back on almost three years of working as a mentor and a person who has taken on some administrative roles with the program. First I want to list my hopes and… Read more →


Summertime at Widener

The school year has just ended and we’re getting into the groove of summer programming at Widener library. Generally summer attendance is lower at the libraries and while I tend to initially worry about this (like “where are all my friends!!”), in real life, smaller attendance means higher quality programming since I’m able to spend one on one time with… Read more →


Widener Fashion Show – May 6!!

The Future Fashion show and Godbrothers Part I premiere is almost upon us! Our magazine has been sent off to the printer, we spent this week painting signage, tomorrow we’ll be building our runway, and next Friday we will celebrate all the hard work and creativity we’ve all put into this project over the past 4 months. While I’m feeling… Read more →


More Future Fashion

Over the past 3 months at Widener Library we have been working on Future Fashion – a special Maker Jawn project funded by a Curiosity Creates grant from the Association for Library Service to Children. So far the kids have designed and sewed futuristic outfits, created superhero characters with artist Jihan Thomas, learned about Afrofuturism with Afrofuturist Affair creator Rasheedah Phillips, held their own… Read more →


Widener’s Futuristic Fashion Show!

This month marked the kick-off for Widener’s Future Fashion program – a special Maker Jawn project funded by a Curiosity Creates grant from the Association for Library Service to Children. The program will last for four months and will conclude in a celebratory fashion show at the start of May. When given the opportunity to apply for this grant, I… Read more →


Building a Garden Frame at Widener

After 2 years of hay bale gardening, we decided to upgrade our garden at Widener Library to a more permanent structure! With some funding from the library’s Grassroots Funds and the Words at Play Initiative, we had two great build sessions this unseasonably warm November. We received some help from former Maker Mentor and current employee of the Central Library’s… Read more →