Wyliodrin Quick Start

You will need:

  • 4GB+ Micro SD Card
  • Intel Galileo
  • Ethernet Cable and Internet Accessibility
  • LED

Open up the Wyliodrin Installation Guide as an alternate reference and follow these steps:

1. Create a Wyliodrin Account

2. Add your Galileo Board to your account.

3. Download our customized Intel Galileo SD Card Image as a .zip

4. Unzip the file and copy it to an SD Card.

5. Download the board configuration file(.json) and write it to the SD Card.

6. Insert the micro SD Card into to Intel Galileo and connect the board to the Internet (this can take a few minutes)

7. I’d Suggest at this point taking a quick look at the UI tour Wyliodrin offers, I don’t currently have the time to make a video of this quick-start.

7.5. Once your board is online open our LED Blinking sketch and clone it(left menu).

8. Place an LED with its longer leg (the positive Anode) in PIN 13 and the shorter leg (the negative Cathode) in GND. (Not using a resistor, sorry purists!)

9. Run the app by clicking on you Intel Galileo in the left menu. If you receive any errors tweet me @bklvnc or leave a comment below.

10. If it blinks(it should) Congrats! Now try tinkering around with delay times and try out some of the other Visual Programming blocks!

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