Post-it Note Benny

  • Having never done anything like this before I was interested to see how it’d all turn out.  The kids and I (along with a few library staff) discussed what kind of image we should try out for a post-it note mural.  We wanted to have something either Philadelphia related or Library related.  So in the end we went with an image of Benjamin Franklin which seemed to fit both criteria.

    Getting kids interested in working on this project was really easy as it mainly had to do with sticking post-its done in a particular order or taping the post-its in place (something we had to do since they really don’t stick very well to giant post-it pad sheets…I don’t understand that either).  As I was busy gridding out the big sheets the kids were working furiously slapping down the colored squares. I was surprised at how quickly the whole thing came together.

    A lot of people kept wandering over asking what we were making and what it was supposed to look like.  Some of them simply said “cool design” believing it to be an abstract pattern.  Unfortunately the only place the mural would fit in our space you couldn’t get very far back to see the whole thing come together easily.  But I soon realized that there was a security mirror hanging on the opposite wall which made it very easy to see.  It was fun to have people say “what is it?” and have the kids tell them “look in the mirror behind you!” The resulting “Woooooow” was pretty satisfying.

    [as an aside there was one kid who kept coming and going throughout the project repeating “making me one!” over and over!]

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