Author: sari


Alien Invasion

It’s always fun when a new “trend” starts up at a library. It provides some continuity for programming, and drives participants towards collaboration and making along a common theme. This month, one of the things that participants latched onto was the making of “alien heads” with Play-Doh. I happened to make one while we were experimenting with the beloved colorful… Read more →


Presenting Design Concepts to Youth

  At Maker Jawn, our primary MO is to make things. Obviously making things can be fun, but sometimes it includes steps that participants don’t like or understand. I’ve found that my students are extremely resistant to steps in the making process like sketching and prototyping. Being kids, and more specifically, kids who aren’t being taught much about creative thinking… Read more →

The Challenge of Making Content Creators

  Last week at Lillian Marrero Branch, we worked with one of Mozilla’s  Webmaker tools, PopcornMaker. PopcornMaker allows you to “remix” music and videos off of Youtube, Vimeo, SoundCloud, etc. The interface is very simple and easy to use, and it can be fun and exciting for youth to play with their favorite music videos and online content. It could also be… Read more →


Keep Calm, Love Fashion

    At Marrero we accomplished something great: a completely youth driven longterm project! Without any prompting or cajoling by Mentors, two participants decided that they wanted to plan a library fashion show. Other participants quickly got on board, and we started the planning process. Together, we made a sign-up for participation, a task list, and a list of items to be… Read more →