Author: molly

Just tryna chill

Some of the most important skills we strive to teach within our space are resiliency and openness to failure. As a Mentor whose primary responsibility has been to float between our program locations as support staff and to assist in staff transitions, how can I expect that my mere presence in our space will invite Makers to engage in an… Read more →

A Hard Skill Badge

How do I earn badges?

Read our IntroductionVisit our Badging Website Work on Projects When you work on a project, you will earn badges for the hard skills and soft skills you use during that project.  Some examples of Skill Badges are drawing, construction, science, animation and coding.  You use these skills, and more, when you work on projects.  Skill badges can be earned multiple… Read more →

♫ Getting to Know You ♫

I’ve gained a new skill in the last month: connection. As a recent college graduate, my last year has been peppered with new moves, new jobs, and new people. At times I’ve struggled to figure out exactly what it means to have a place, to have a safe space, and to make meaningful connections. As a new Maker Mentor, I’ve… Read more →