Maker Corps at the Free Library of Philadelphia is part of the national Maker Ed Initiative.

We are a group of five people with backgrounds as students, engineers, and artists who are dedicated to mentoring youth. We’re located at five different Free Library locations while investigating our creative interests through the lens of art and technology.

We are leading workshops daily during the summer of 2013, through August 16th.

“The mission of the Maker Education Initiative is to create more opportunities for young people to make, and, by making, build confidence, foster creativity, and spark interest in science, technology, engineering, math, the arts—and learning as a whole.”

What does “Maker Jawn” mean?

The term “jawn” is a context-dependent substitute noun that originated in the Philly hip hop scene. Jawn is used in place of basically any noun, and its meaning can change depending on what you’re referring to, e.g., “Let me get a piece of that jawn?” and “That Frankenstein remix jawn be tight!”