Hello !!! I am a New Maker Mentor !!!

This was my first month working for Makers Jawn and I have seen a variety of different of programing atmospheres. I have visited Rodriguez, Cecil B Moore, Widener, and Kensington. I was able to see first hand how important a program like this is for the City of Philadelphia. I made connections with not only the children who showed up for programming but with co-mentors who share the common goal of enriching the lives of underprivileged youth. During my first month I spoke with kids who had aspirations of becoming filmmakers, actors, artists, and music producers. This truly excited me, especially taking into consideration my background in Media Arts. I helped kids make instrumentals, record vocals, take pictures, draw pictures, mold statues from puddy, and even use a soldering iron. I have learned more about myself as an artist while working with the kids and staff during program and I am excited to see what next month has in store.


-Ronniere Spacely


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