Alien Invasion

It’s always fun when a new “trend” starts up at a library. It provides some continuity for programming, and drives participants towards collaboration and making along a common theme.


This month, one of the things that participants latched onto was the making of “alien heads” with Play-Doh. I happened to make one while we were experimenting with the beloved colorful “doh”, and a couple of participants were inspired to make their own. This expanded to the creation of a dozen alien heads, the drawing of backdrops portraying “space” with various planets real and imagined, and a stop-motion animation. About 8 participants collaborated on various parts. It also nicely demonstrates how new participants can come in and contribute to a project that is already in progress. Participants came in at various stages, making more alien heads, space backdrops, and helping to produce and make decisions about the animation.


As a facilitator you never know what is going to catch. Sometimes for participants who are reluctant to create, letting them watch you be creative along side them can give them small ideas that they ultimately expand on.




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